Academic and Research Leadership Symposium

The Academic and Research Leadership (ARL) Symposium is co-located with the National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE) Annual Convention. The ARL Symposium has two threads: (1) a faculty development thread, and (2) a research networking thread. The faculty development thread hosts workshops organized by members of the ARL network that strengthen and demystify fundamental components of academia. Past topics include: Obtaining a Faculty Position, The Ins and Outs of the Tenure Process, How to Write a Successful Proposal, How to Successfully Manage a Research Group, Strategies for Diversifying your Research Funding Portfolio. The researcher development and networking thread is critical to the goal of a self-sustaining ARL ecosystem. This year, topics will include Lessons Learned from Winning Grant Recipients, Creating a Thriving Research Enterprise: Developing a Research Agenda, and Moving Beyond Service: Engaging in Strategic Mentoring Relationships.

The ARL Symposium provides an opportunity for seasoned researchers (university, corporate, government) to nurture connections with their peers, and be excited and inspired by the latest discoveries and technical advances across many disciplines of engineering and science. Opportunities for new collaborations and strategic career advancements are anticipated. The researcher development and networking thread consists of a networking reception with a keynote presentation by a leader in the engineering field, a session on career development in an R&D centric environment, and a poster session organized by members of the ARL network for more in-depth technical discussions.

About ARLS and NSBE

The choice to locate the ARL Symposium at the NSBE annual convention is strategic. Currently, minimal programming is available at the NSBE National Convention for senior graduate students focused on academic careers, and researchers in academia and industry who may have participated in previous K-12, undergraduate and graduate NSBE activities. The ARLS will improve membership retention and help other minority engineers matriculate successfully through the academic and research workforce in universities, national laboratories and industry. The impacts of the ARL Symposium are many-fold, and include the following: this symposium serves as a (1) meeting place for minority researchers to share and gain new ideas leading to new intellectual products and technologies that benefit society; (2) constant pool of diverse faculty candidates for universities and researchers for government/industrial laboratories; (3) pool for funding agencies’ program managers needing to diversify their review panels; (4) pool of qualified senior Ph.D. students, post-doctoral fellows, and faculty that can develop content for and teach workshops that are of critical importance to the success of the current NSBE graduate school conference (GSC); (5) critical mass of engaged minority researchers that can introduce ideas for increasing minority interest in the Ph.D. in ways not currently possible; and (6) “showcase” of minority researchers on scales that have never existed, that is also strategically placed in a venue with a built in audience of emerging minority engineers.

2019 Venue

NSBE's 45th Annual Convention in Detroit, MI

Cobo Center
4420, 1 Washington Blvd
Detroit, Michigan 48226
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March 29, 2019

8:00 am
Breakfast and Check-In
8:30 am
Opening Session and Welcome
Opening Session and Welcome Presented by: Tahira Reid, ARLS General Chair Remarks by Alec Gallimore, Dean, College of Engineering at University of Michigan Introduced by: Chinedum Okwudire, ARLS Co-Chair
9:00 am
Flash Talks Part 1 (~20 people)
Facilitated by: DeLean Tolbert, ARLS Co-Chair
9:45 am
Coffee Break
10:00 am
Publications Panel (3–4 speakers)
Panelists: Prof. LaShanda Korley (AE of Journal of Applied Physics) Dr. Alberto Moscatelli (Senior Editor of Nature Nanotechnology) Dr. Phillip Szuromi (Editor of Science) Dr. Lisa Benson (Editor of Journal of Engineering Education)
11:00 am
Industry Funding Presentation
Speaker: Prof. Mitchell Walker II, Georgia Tech
12:00 pm
Remarks by Brandi Jones and Stacy-ann Russell of Innovation-Node Los Angeles (IN-LA)
1:00 pm
Industry Panel - Forging Strategic Relationships with Industry
Panelists: Dr. Reates Curry, Ford Motor Company Heather Mattisson, University Partnerships, Intel Corporation Dr. Wayde Konze, Director of Analytical Sciences, Dow Chemical
2:00 pm
Coffee Break
2:15 pm
Flash Talks Part 2 (~20 people)
3:00 pm
Office Hours/ Mastermind Session Part 1
3:45 am
Coffee Break
4:00 pm
Meeting research goals at Teaching focused institutions
Speaker: Prof. Carlotta Berry, Rose Hulman
5:00 pm
The “Unconference” and Reception

March 30, 2019

8:00 am
Networking Breakfast
9:00 am
Research and Academic Careers – The Inside Story
Prof. Eno Essien Ebong, Northeastern University Prof. Fred Higgs, Rice University Prof. Shawn Blanton, Carnegie Mellon University Prof. Erick Jones, University of Texas - Arlington
10:00 am
Coffee Break
10:15 am
NSF CAREER - the Inside Story
Speakers: Prof. Tequila Harris, Associate Professor, Georgia Institute of Technology Prof. Lynford Goddard, Professor, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign Prof. Chinedum Okwudire, Associate Professor, University of Michigan - Ann Arobor
11:00 am
Office Hours/ Mastermind Session Part 2
Facilitated by: Tahira Reid
12:00 pm
Lunch and Networking
(Mandatory Meet and Greet for ASSIST Attendees from 1:00 - 1:30 pm)
1:30 pm
Debrief and Adjourn
2:30 pm
Free networking time